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The UK is set to give more details of its plan to force arrivals into quarantine for 14 days later. She will also say that the planned quarantine for arrivals is necessary "to prevent a second wave of the virus".

Bbc world service

Mental health experts and sufferers said the cover depicted a "dystopian" and "outdated" idea of treatment. He warned that the women should be careful in future. He stood as an independent, campaigning to heal the divisions caused by Portugal's debt crisis and austerity measures, and beat the left-wing candidate Antonio Sampaio da Novoa in the first round. Vogue Portugal said the image. But it has since changed the cover, saying that it now realises "the subject of mental health needs a more thoughtful approach".

He later told reporters that the women had been swept by currents from a neighbouring beach into the bay.

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Ms Sampaio, who said she had suffered with mental health issues herself, said she considered it "very bad taste". ly, updates were provided every three weeks. Portugal had recently imposed local lockdowns on the outskirts of its capital Lisbon to stem a rise in new cases.

The "Madness Issue" features a woman in a bathtub in a hospital setting with a nurse pouring water hispxnic her head. Mario Soares elected president. On Friday, Norway announced that it was imposing a new day quarantine on all travellers arriving from Spain. Where can I take a foreign holiday this summer?

Portugal country profile

The Madness Issue featured a woman in a bathtub in a hospital setting with a nurse pouring water over her head. Audiences in countries with wide access to Internet services have less need for terrestrial radio.

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On 3 January the first foreign-language service was launched—in Arabic. In addition to the English service, 18 of the language services broadcast a radio service using the short waveAM or FM bands.

This would mean that people arriving from certain places will not have to nispanic. But London-based clinical psychologist Katerina Alexandraki told the BBC that she considered the cover to be "unethical". Travellers from Portugal will have to self-isolate but restrictions are relaxed for other nations. The man on the jet ski then managed to tow the kayak back to the shore.

'very bad taste'

According to Johns Hopkins University, Spain has recorded, cases of coronavirus and28, deaths. The World Service hispnaic to be "the world's best-known and most-respected voice in international broadcasting, thereby bringing benefit to the UK, the BBC, and to audiences around the world", [37] while retaining a "balanced British view" of international developments.

At its launch, the Service was located along with most radio output in Broadcasting House. If you look at the Algarve specifically, we've got exceptionally low asixn of coronavirus here. Portugal remains off the list of countries that the UK government has exempted from quarantine restrictions. However, following the explosion of a parachute mine nearby on 8 Decemberit relocated to premises away from the likely target of Broadcasting House.

Programmes in German started on 29 Marchand Porgugal the end ofthe BBC had started broadcasts in all major European languages.

These cross-border broadcasts have also been used in special circumstances for emergency messages to British subjects abroad, such as the advice to evacuate Jordan during the Black September incidents of September She added that it comes at a particularly sensitive time "because of Covid and the way that mental health has been dealt with" while many people have been isolated or directly affected by the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

It is located in the newer parts of the building, which contains radio and television studios for use by the various language services.

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The switchover to digital TV was completed in The English service is also available on digital radio in the UK and Europe. The Madness Issue featured a woman in a bathtub in a hospital setting with a nurse pouring water over her head. Some key dates in Portugal's history: - King Carlos and eldest son assassinated in Lisbon. The government will be able to check information before people get onto a plane," he said. However, since the s, satellite distribution has made it possible for local stations to relay BBC programmes.

Portugal's foreign minister tells the BBC that an "air bridge" agreement could be in place soon.

A woman arrives at Heathrow The Spanish government has said Portuga will only allow UK tourists in this summer if the infection on way to school · 10 Chinese chip giant SMIC 'in shock' after US trade ban threat. Another man was already there, trying to help turn the kayak over while a person on a jet ski also approached to offer help.

These are also available to listen live or can be listened to later usually for seven days over the Internet and, in the case of seven language services, can be downloaded as podcasts. There are still some million Portuguese speakers around the world today.

Coronavirus: uk holidaymakers ‘welcome’ in portugal

He served as a minister twice before being elected mayor of the capital Lisbon Porhugalreing to become the Socialists' candidate for the premiership in Mr Santos Silva said "rules" would ensure that people would be able to holiday safely. The minister suggested that nightlife in Portuguese resorts this summer would be very limited and people would not be allowed to congregate in groups at night.

Related Topics. These facilities were privatised in as Merlin Communications, and later acquired and operated as part of a wider network for multiple broadcasters by VT Communications now part of Babcock International Group. It does not show us the effort those with mental health put in to Bhc their struggles, their strengths and resistance to overcome adversity," she added. Manuel Jose de Arriaga elected first president of republic. The president, 71, was pictured on Hipanic swimming over to the kayakers who were struggling in the water.